The MLS is the most common tool that agents use to search for homes sale in the Phoenix area.  While it is not as user friendly and as easy to understand as other home searching tools on the internet, like the classy search you can find on our main page, it is the most accurate and up to date tool available.  More importantly it also provides more options for narrowing down your search, allowing you to be much more specific with your parameters.

One tool in particular that is very useful is the map searching tool where you can draw the map area you would like to search in.  to do that, press one of the three options at the bottom of the map; rectangle, circle, or polygon.

This is a consumer version of the MLS and so you will not have access to all of the private information that Realtors do.  If you have a question about any property, don’t be afraid to contact us (602.698.3100 or, we are always happy dig a little deeper and get the inside scoop on a listing for you!